As Africa Evangelism Ministries, our mission is to see multitudes come to Christ. We are committed to equipping, training, mentoring and resourcing of christian churches and members across countries.



Marc Randall is a Canadian missionary and the founder of the Africa Evangelism Ministries. Marc is an evangelist working in Zambia. He has a passion for the lost and wants to see the nation come to Christ. Marc is a CTEN volunteer, and like others, he relies on God and His people to sustain his ministry. Learn more about Marc’s story and how you can support his ministry by clicking here.


All our projects are centered around the Great Commission. We are committed to making the message of the gospel available to as many people as we can, in as many languages as we can. Our projects involve training evangelists and pastors, and making resources available to church leaders and ordinary members in a language that they understand so that they maybe be equipped to share the gospel with others as well. Learn more about what we do.


Our hope is to see many believers and many church leaders resourced with discipleship material that will be strong grounding and foundation for their faith and ministries. We hope that by training and equipping of local evangelists and believers, they would see the gospel spread faster across Zambia. We hope to reach not only Zambia but the African continent at large, as God opens doors.