All scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.

Micro SD Card Pastoral Equipping Library

Most pastors do not have access to books for their personal growth, bible study material and for discipleship with their members. Also there are some wrong doctrines and theology being taught in Zambia.The micro SD card project is an all-inclusive pastoral reference library contextualized for Zambia and the surrounding regions. The Micro SD card can be installed into an android device, making an abundance of discipleship resources available to pastors all over Zambia. It contains free download of Bibles, books, discipleship material, pastoral training videos, evangelism training and church growth materials. They will be given out at a cost of K100 to pastors across the nation, which is currently the cost of a 32GB micro SD card. A limited number of tablets computers will also be imported into the country at an estimated cost of K550 to K650 each. Once set up on the phone and tablet will turn the device into a fully functional Pastoral Reference Library. 

The library seeks to achieve many things including:

  • Better equipping of pastors in the nation of Zambia
  • Providing discipleship material and evangelism tracts in the local language (19 languages)
  • Providing resources for personal study to help a pastor’s personal relationship with God.

Some of the resources which will be on the SD card include:

  1. Global ESV Study Bible
  2. Vernacular Language Bibles
  3. Commentaries (Matthew Henry and others)
  4. Billy Graham Discipleship Material
  5. Expository teaching training
  6. 80-100 hours of pastoral training (basic bible school) in mp4 video format
  7. Library of public domain books
  8. Evangelism training mp4 videos with PDF files
  9. E.t.c.

For a list of the various WiFi point, click here.