Translation is not an art that everyone can practice. It requires a right, pious, faithful, diligent, God fearing, experienced practical heart


There is a great need for access to basic discipleship materials in the local languages. Many people come to faith yet they do not have access to basic foundational truths that are necessary for christian growth. This makes them susceptible to wrong doctrines and theology.

Africa Evangelism Ministries is committed to facilitating translation of discipleship materials. Our current projects include translating some well known new-believer discipleship material including Billy Graham booklets on discipleship and the four spiritual laws, among others. We aim to make the material available freely for leaders from different denominations. Our hope is to better equip church planters and believers for discipleship and follow-up with new believers.

We are also facilitating the translation and production of gospel tracts in the local languages for distribution, and also making them available to other leaders/evangelists for mass distribution within the country.